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Who is Cecilia Sue Siew Nang Ng Boon Gay corruption case

IT executive Cecilia Sue Siew Nang is the mystery women who is involved in an alleged commercial corruption case involving former Central Nacotics Burea (CNB) chief Ng Boon Gay.

She is alleged to have performed oral sex for the CND head honchu on four occasions to secure IT contracts worth S$640,000 – some forummers from EDMW jokingly suggested Cecilia should be entered into the Guinness Book of Records for the most expensive blow job in the world at S$160,000 per blow.

Since news of the Corrupt Practice Investigation Bureau (CPIB) investigation on Ng Boon Gay broke in January this year, many Singaporeans were curious to find out the identity of this mystery woman who brought about the downfall of the CNB chief.

Well, her identity is no longer a secret from yesterday when she made her first court appearance  Here’s a video of Cecilia via

An update on the courtroom development yesterday (via

Cecilia: I felt ‘fear’ and was ‘unwilling’

27/09/2012 on mypaper

IT executive Cecilia Sue Siew Nang from making a report on the alleged advances of former Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) chief Ng Boon Gay.

In her first highly anticipated appearance in a district court yesterday, Ms Sue, 36, who took the stand, said that Ng had repeatedly asked her for oral sex last year.

But she told the court that she was not a willing participant, and was fearful of the ramifications if she rejected his demands.

Ng, 46, is facing four charges of obtaining sexual gratification from Ms Sue between June and December last year, to further the interest of her companies.

The pair had met through a mutual friend in 2009 at a Tanjong Pagar pub, when she worked as a sales manager for IT company Sun Microsystems.

They kept in touch through lunch appointments and telephone conversations, she told the court. This continued after she moved to Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) in April 2010 and, then, to Oracle Corporation Singapore last November.

All eyes were on Ms Sue, who was smartly dressed in a black blazer over a white shirt, and a black skirt, when she walked into the silent courtroom at about 4pm. She carried a Louis Vuitton bag and wore her wavy hair in a ponytail.

As she gave her testimony in a meek voice, Ng appeared expressionless while his wife, Madam Yap Yen Yen, busily jotted down notes, wearing a stern frown.

Ms Sue told the court that she had mentioned to Ng that she was pursuing a business opportunity with CNB. Ng’s advances began in March last year, after CNB had awarded a contract to IT firm NCS, she said.

NCS acted as an intermediary, which provided services to install products sold by HDS.

Shortly after, Ms Sue and Ng had a “celebratory lunch” together as she had had a “good quarter”. After a toast, she said Ng broached the subject of oral sex, but she did not respond.

Last November, CNB awarded a contract to another intermediary IT company linked to HDS.

In court yesterday, Ms Sue detailed what happened in the four instances which landed Ng in hot water with the authorities. my paper lists them:


Venue: Carpark at The Sentosa, A Beaufort Hotel

When: July 2011

After having drinks at hotel Capella Singapore nearby, Ms Sue said she drove Ng to The Sentosa, where his car was parked.

With a quiver in her voice, she said that they were chatting in her car when Ng suddenly pulled her towards his lap.

Shocked, she pushed herself away from him, and told him off. He then apologised. She said: “I wasn’t happy. (I was) anguished. And I felt intimidated. There was this fear.”

She said “it was an act” which she was “unwilling” to perform.


Venue: Carpark at Hort Park

When: November 2011

Ms Sue said she met Ng for drinks and a light dinner at a restaurant at the park.

It was there that he asked her to access a pornographic website using her iPad tablet.

When they later went to her car, he tried to kiss her. Again, he pulled her towards his lap, and Ms Sue “tried to escape” but Ng was “very strong”.

She said she did not report him as she felt it would be a disgrace if she did. With tears welling up, she told the court: “I wouldn’t have reported and allowed a chance to disgrace and affect my family.

“Moreover, he is well-connected. Who will believe me, right?”


Venue: Mount Faber

When: Dec 2, 2011

The pair had dinner at Keppel Marina. She was supposed to drop him off in her car afterwards, but he asked her to head to Mount Faber instead for a chat. There, he kissed her and pulled her onto his lap.

She struggled and managed to pull herself away, she said.

Ms Sue pointed out that she had agreed to meet him again because he told her he would not repeat his previous actions.

“I just didn’t want to sour this. I wanted to maintain a cordial relationship. I thought, as a gentleman, he would understand my feelings and not push any further,” she said slowly.

“The thing is, if there’s love, I would have done it voluntarily.”

She also said that she feared making an enemy out of him, and that he might damage her reputation.


Venue: Carpark at Singapore General Hospital

When: Dec 9, 2011

Ng had called Ms Sue, asking to meet her at the carpark.

She was out with her friends at the time, but agreed.

When he got into her car, he put her hand on his lap before forcing her neck and head towards him.

She pulled away and told him she had to leave, she said.

When asked if oral sex had been expected of her during the four occasions, Ms Sue dismissed it.

She said: “Why would he have that thought? We were not in any relationship. Neither am I the sort of person to go for such a thing.

“I’m particular about hygiene and cleanliness, and I don’t give that kind of impression.”

Is Cecilia Sue really the victim?

She paints herself as the helpless executive forced into giving oral sex to a top civil servant. She even cries in court, saying the publicity is killing her, and pleads with the judge to ask the defence not to ask ‘insulting’ questions

Snared by an investigation into a corruption case, is Ms Cecilia Sue Siew Nang merely a forlorn woman who fell for the wrong man?

Her statements to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) seem to paint such a picture.

In court, she has also come across in parts of her three-day testimony last week as a helpless victim of cruel and intense public attention because of her adulterous relationship with former Central Narcotics Bureau chief Ng Boon Gay.

Ng, 46, faces four counts of corruptly obtaining oral sex from Ms Sue between July and December last year.

She described the relationship that began when they met at a gathering at a pub in Tanjong Pagar: “When I first came to know him in 2009, Boon Gay came into my life to rationalise my thoughts and give me comfort and support when I most needed help.

“I had a strong liking for him.”

That is, until Ms Sue, 36, suffered a pregnancy scare earlier in the first quarter of 2010, according to her statement to CPIB.

“I asked Boon Gay what if the child was his. At that time, I felt that Boon Gay was an irresponsible man because he didn’t want to show responsibility.

“He did not comfort me either and he broke my heart. It was then I decided to end my relationship with him.”

Ng’s lawyer, Senior Counsel Tan Chee Meng of Wong Partnership LLP, had cited the statements in his cross-examination.In another statement, she said: “I had mentioned that ‘I’ve made myself clear and do not want history to repeat itself and cause another scare".

“What I meant was I would not like to have another sexual penetration with Boon Gay anymore because of the pregnancy scare.”

Ms Sue also said, as she broke down in tears, that “recently with all the publicity, it’s already been killing me”.

In court, she avoided making eye contact with Mr Tan or the gallery, and sat facing the judge.

She also pleaded through District Judge Siva Shanmugam: “May I request that the defence counsel treat me with respect and not to pose too many embarrassing and insulting questions to me?”

She also wanted Mr Tan to “understand my condition and spare a kind thought about it”.

Ms Sue said that the episode caused mental stress and “affected my physical health”.

The court was earlier told that she has been diagnosed with clinical depression.

On Friday, Mr Tan put it to Ms Sue that it was her desire to save herself from prosecution “as well as her marriage” that prompted her to testify that Ng had forced her to perform oral sex.

He said: “You had to suggest that the sexual acts were forced because you were concerned about your marriage.”

But Ms Sue countered: “If you want to prove we had a relationship, I’m telling you we did not have.”

She insisted that she had been tired and stressed during the CPIB interrogations, hence the discrepancy between her court testimonies and her CPIB statements.

As she recounted how Ng forced her repeatedly to have oral sex with him, Ms Sue broke down in tears several times.At a lunch sometime last year, she said that Ng asked her: “When you want to take in?”

When the prosecution asked her to elaborate, she replied: “Common knowledge... to take in his sperm.”

Ms Sue also broke down as she recounted the incident last July after they had met at Capella hotel. A few hours later, she drove Ng back to Beaufort Hotel to collect his car.

She said: “We chatted in the car… and then… all of a sudden, he pushed my head down to his private parts and he shoved his private parts into my mouth.

“I was very shocked. I… I tried to… tried to push away.”

At another meeting in November, Ms Sue said she met Ng at Hort Park. He asked her to access a pornographic website while he had his dinner. Ms Sue said she felt disgusted.

After they went back to the car, he started to talk about porn websites and how she felt.

“I could see he was looking a bit excited. He said that he was getting hard and can I help him?”

She paused to compose herself and said Ng tried to kiss her, then pushed her head down to his “private parts”.

“I tried to escape. I struggled and tried to push myself away but while doing so, the private parts got in my mouth. He was very strong.”

It took her some time before she managed to get out, added Ms Sue.


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